Bliss & Wisdom Youth Club

Bliss and wisdom youth club was founded in December 12th, 2000. The purpose of the club is to make the world a better and happier place. In order to achieve that, the club provides sources of learning form three main prospects, organic farming based on the ideas of environmental protection, living a healthy life, and morality values in truth. Bliss and wisdom youth club endeavors to inspire the students with a broader view of their living environment, and higher goals in life with the correct leaning attitude and virtue. The club leads students with love and teaches them to care for the earth. Activities include visiting organic farms every semester to learn about organic farming and protection of the land. Besides trips, club also sponsors numerous speeches and exhibitions on campus to promote the idea of the importance of saving the earth. The club plays and discusses movies such as “An Inconvenient Truth” and “New American Diet” for members. Through learning the efforts of the people working to save the eco-system, student have found that we share a very intimate relationship with Nature and also the people around us. Therefore, Bliss and Wisdom Youth club provides a series of exploring the truth of life. The speeches and discussions are of sharing life experiences of family, school, work, etc. these activities prepare members with greater vision and compassion towards life. On Mother’s Day, the club hosts a thanksgiving event at the auditorium and offer thank you card booths on the campus every year. Bliss and wisdom Youth Club wishes to bring warmth to the hearts of people, especially at the most prestigious university in Taiwan. In summer and winter vacations, Bliss and Wisdom Youth join the volunteer service in the National Youth Camp and National Teacher Camp, hosted by MOE and the foundation of Bliss and Wisdom, to practice the methods they learn in the club. It is as important to have a virtuous character, love others and the earth as much as having outstanding performances in academic learning. On behalf of the students of National Taiwan University, we should have a great vision to the world as well as a caring heart. In order to accomplish this mission, Bliss and Wisdom Youth Club give us the opportunities to make the world a better and happier place.